How to Dress // Margot Robbie

I’ve always really liked Sundance, not because of the films, but because it’s a great opportunity for spotting celeb’s winter style. It’s nice to see the non-red-capet, non-LA winter looks that people put together!

Exhibit A: Margot Robbie. Margot’s style tends to be classic, with an edge. She’s a little bit of a fashion risk taker (jumpsuit on the red carpet, that high slit, mixing prints) but she never crosses the line into crazy.

This ensemble at Sundance is a great example. It’s a classic look: sweater and a button down. But the sweater is slightly cropped, her collar is slightly oversized AND she pairs them with leather legging and over the knee boots. Classic, with an edge. I love it.





Style Building Blocks // Turtlenecks

When I first had the idea for this post I thought it would be a quick look at a street style trend with the potential to become a style staple. Was I ever wrong. Somehow, I have blocked the relevance of the turtleneck from my mind. Until recently, the turtleneck only seemed appropriate on the cover of a 1990’s L.L. Bean catalog (or on the girls from the Mall Madness and Dream Phone boxes).

However – they are already all over my Pinterest boards (on style icons – including Kate Middleton!!, celebs, style bloggers) and always looking oh-so-chic. How have I disregarded such an important style element for so many years?!

  • Audrey Hepburn Funny Face
  • Jackie O Style
  • Marilyn Black Turtleneck
  • Kate Middleton Style

Brief history of the turtleneck – apparently they first started showing up in the late 1800 as a base layer for athletes. Soon after the military adopted them as well. In the 1950s the black turtleneck became a style staple of the beatniks – making it synonymous with intellectuals and artists. But it didn’t go mainstream until Audrey Hepburn wore one in Funny Face. Since then, it has been worn but the chicest of the chic – Jackie O., Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and on and on. (See here for more).

black_turtleneck21 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

 I think it is safe to say the basic black turtleneck is a closet staple (and I need to buy one ASAP) but it goes beyond just that. Chunky knit turtlenecks in cream, grey and beige are what grabbed my attention in the first place.

Emma_turtleneck netural_turtlenecks Olivia_turtleneck1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

And the true sign of a real wardrobe building block? How well it fits into all style types – it can play preppy, minimal or super girly.


I’m sold. The turtleneck is a classic must-have!




Wise Words // Personal Style

I often feel like I don’t know very much about fashion. But that’s not really true. After all, fashion is very much about observations and opinions. So while I might not know every rule, technical term or the historical significance of designer X – I do know what I think looks good.


The lovely Miss Kruger sums it up quite well – you don’t have to know everything to know what you like. :)

Happy Monday!


Capsule Wardrobe // Kate Middleton

As you may or may not know, I have a slight obsession with Kate Middleton’s style, so I thought she was the perfect choice to kick off my new Capsule Wardrobe series! Here’s the concept – I’ll take style icons (present & past!) and break down their wardrobes to the basic building blocks, the pieces you’d need to capture that particular icon’s signature look.

In the case of Duchess Kate, I focused on her more causal looks – not that her gala attire is not spectacular, but the every-day gal has little use for ball gowns (tragic, I know). I really wanted to look at the attainable pieces that make up her wardrobe. Her Icon status was contested this year (OUTRAGE, HORROR, BLASPHEMY) but to me, her tendency to dress “sensibly and practically” is what makes her an icon. She does simple and she does it well – consistently.

To copy Kate’s polished causal style you really only need a few things: great jeans, an assortment of blazers, wedges, and a sheath dress or two. Oh, and a coat – she. has. amazing. coats.



Row One: 1 // 2 // 3 // Row Two: 1 // 2 // 3 // Row Three: 1 // 2 // 3 // Row Four: 1 // 2 // 3 //
Row Five: 1 // 2 // 3 //  Shoes: 1 // 2 //  3 // 4 // 5

I think I might just stop my personal style search right here. What Would Kate Wear can just be my new mantra.

What do you think of Catherine’s style? Is her icon status deserved? What would you add to this capsule to make it your own? (I think she needs more pointy toe flats….) 



The Great Wardrobe Project // Part One

BIG news! Over the weekend I dove in to my wardrobe re-build project – with some good old fashion organization. Since I have a rather large wardrobe – I’m taking it in sections. So far I’ve completed the Fall/Winter clothes from my dresser (Spring/Summer is all stored, to deal with later). 

Here’s what I did-

Step 1: Emptied drawers and FOLDED EVERYTHING. (yah, yah, yah, I know I should always fold things but sometimes stuffing everything in haphazardly is just more fun).

Step 2: Cataloged. I made an excel spread sheet to keep track of everything – sorting by item type, season, color, condition and what I wanted to do with it – Keep, Store, Repair, Donate or Trash.

Step 3: Bagged up everything for donating, and then re-filled the drawers!

I still have a long way to go. On one hand – I did achieve my goal – I got rid of everything I don’t wear (most of it’s going to GoodWill) however, on Monday morning I still felt like I had nothing to wear. This was largely because everything I’m left with I’ve worn… recently… Which means I better figure out this style thing so I can go shopping soon!

On that note – I’ve been pinning a lot of simple, minimalistic  style lately, which I’ve always enjoyed, but never feel cool enough to pull off. Maybe now’s the time?


style-knit-wool style-black-stripes


1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I love minimalist fashion because it always looks effortless but never lazy. It’s doing a lot with a little, which is kind of what I’m going for here – isn’t it?

More soon!


New Year // Commitments & Clichés

It’s that time of year again – the time when we all start promising to make changes, to grow and improve (oh wait, I already did that…)! And even though it is a cliche, there’s something nice about making big plans and dreaming up new goals and schemes.

I already got off to a little bit of a head start with my new plans for the blog, but I thought it might be nice to think about a few other goals too.


1. Do more crafts: I’ve always loved arts and crafts. As a kid I was constantly working on some sort of DIY project. This past year I started getting back into it a little (having a Michael’s Craft Store open up only a few blocks away certainly helped) and it’s a trend a want to continue in 2015.

2. Journal again: Also something I did a lot as a kid (pretty much every night!), but have fallen out of practice with as a grown-up. I want to start again, not every night, but somewhat regularly! There’s something about putting pen to paper that I find amazingly therapeutic – maybe it’s just the lack of red zig-zag lines telling me I’ve spelled every other word incorrectly. ;)

3. Stick to an exercise program: OK – this one is a super cliché. But I have to say it. I NEED to do it. I’m not talking anything ground breaking either – I don’t want to run a marathon. My goal is to just be regular about it – I’d be happy with doing yoga twice a week.

4. Make more plans: So – with all the crafting and journaling and yoga I want to be doing this year – I’m not really sure when I’ll have time for more plans, but I want to try! And, yes “plans” is very broad – that’s on purpose – could be as simple as happy hour with a friend (or maybe, yoga with a friend!!) OR it could be bigger – like weekend getaways!

5. Blog: Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog. I want to blog enough this year that I can have a “2015 Recap” post this time next year. I want to collaborate and network more – so I’m not just living in my own little blog bubble. I want to stick to my plan. And I want to be proud of my work and excited to share it. That’s big issue for me – I’ll put together a post, but then I won’t share it anywhere  because I’m scared of what people will think. Big goal for 2015 is to get over that anxiety!!

So that’s my list for 2015! Are you the resolution making type? What do you want to accomplish this year?


*Photo (and NYE decor!) by me

Making A Change

I have something to confess.

I don’t really know anything about fashion. And lately, I feel like I know very little about style either.
For the past 5 years I’ve been a “Fashion Blogger,” and with that title I always feel an obligation to be a fashion expert. I feel like I should always be stylish, fashionable and perfectly dressed.

Recently, I’ve been handicapped by that feeling.

I never feel inspired to do posts, because I worry that I’ll say the wrong thing and look silly. And, beyond just the blog – I rarely feel good about what I’m wearing. My dresser is stuffed with items I never wear – either because I don’t like them anymore, I don’t have the right things to wear them with, or they don’t fit. I end up wearing the same thing over and over, and just going with what’s comfortable – not what’s “fashionable.” And it makes me feel like a horrible failure of a fashion blogger.

So, I’m making a change.

It’s a two-part adjustment – one part blog life, and one part real life.


On the real life side of things, I want to do some serious closet rehab. I want to purge the things that I don’t like or wear, and rebuild a wardrobe that works for me (and makes me happy)!

On the blog side, I want to explore what that new wardrobe should be. I want to shift from being a fashion blog to being a style blog. I want it to be an exploration of style, and a journey to discover what personal style really is. I don’t want to be an expert voice. I want to be a learner and an observer.

SO, what changes might you, dear reader, notice?

1.  More Personal Stories – I want to share the steps I take on my adventure to discover my personal style (with posts about cleaning my closet and refining my wardrobe). And, my current Real Life Style posts will change a bit as well – I want to make them more about things I love wearing, not just perfect outfits carefully chosen for a blog photo shoot. I want to be open and honest – especially when I have no idea what I’m talking about.
2.  A New Perspective – I want to infuse a personal style element into every post I do. So, for example, a celebrity get the look post would focus less on where to buy the items the star is wearing, and more on what it says about her fashion habits. A post about a trend will look at how to incorporate trends into an overall style, etc.
3.  More Consistency – this is the big one. I want to be inspired to post so that I post more. I am pretty excited about this shift in direction, so my promise to you is more posts, more often. :)

Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you’re excited for this new adventure. I know I am (well, excited and scared)!


*image found here 

Real Life Style #28 // Fall Uniform

I’m really not kidding when I say this is my fall uniform. I’ve been wearing some combination of jeans, boots, a button down and a blazer (or a sweater – sometimes both!) just about everyday this season. It’s simple but still cute, don’t think I’m going to get sick of it anytime soon!

Do you have a go-to look for fall?

FALLSTYLE-1blazer // top // jeans // boots // scarf // bag (similar) // earrings // necklace





*photos: kelsey combe 

Shopping List // Brown Booties

Recently I have come to the shocking revelation that my fall wardrobe is missing a key element, stunning, I know! But the versatile brown ankle bootie does not {yet} have a place in my closet. It’s really unclear how I’ve survived this long without a pair…


1 // 2 // 3 // 4




Princess Lessons // Coats V2

Ok I admit it – I’ve done this post before. However – that was a while ago, and in the time that has passed since HRH has worn many additional chic coats. So I figured it was high time for Queen of Coats, V2.

I have serious closet envy. It’s not even that she has this many amazing coats – do you know how much room coats take up? I could never fit that many in my tiny apartment – even if I used all available space. She must have an entire wing at Kensington Palace dedicated solely to coat storage.

Here are just a few of my top selections from the  Kate Middleton coat collection – which are your favorites?








images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1 2 3 45