Lately I’ve been obsessed with the idea of my future home. Now, I am only 23… but I’m the oldest 23 year old you’ll ever meet… just ask Crissie. So I bring you a new weekly segment– full of ideas for my dream home, which hopefully isn’t that far off. 😉
Today I came across the website of Rachel Whiting– an AMAZING interior design photographer based out of London. Check out her portfolio here, and some of her beautiful shots, below.

Sigh. Hanging Hunters. Sailboat pictures. Map wallpaper! Could it get any dreamier? I adore the idea of a house with a summer cottage theme. You know– rugged… but without the icky spiders and piles of sand. (I’m also a sucker for cleanliness.) And the blue and yellow combos are to die for. What do you think? Dream home worthy?

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