This weekend boyfriend and I cleaned out one of our 3 closets. 3 small closets. (Not counting the two miniscule ones we have in our bedroom.) Of our three closets, Crissie uses one, we use one, and the linens occupy the last.

Cris and I have been facing big issues. Storage space in Manhattan apts. Where do we put all the shoes? (Really, see here.)
Lately I’ve been dreaming about closets. And I mean BIG, beautiful, rooms-in-themselves, closets. And then InStyle did a piece on Celebrity closets. Ensue drooling.
Check out all the boots Mariah Carey has! And I love that Christina Aguilera has to use a ladder to reach the height of her Louboutins…
But my fave, by far, is Olivia Wilde’s walk-in closet/office, in her Venice, CA home… the mirrored chests from Anthropologie and cozy rug from Cantoni. I want it all. I want to LIVE there. It looks like a room, rather than a closet. And that, my darlings, is perfection.

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