When boohoo.com reached out and asked me if I would do a Throwback Thursday fashion post I got VERY excited. The assignment was to pick someone from the past who’s fashion I admire and recreate it. What a fun way to explore personal style, right?

WHO TO PICK?? Well… since Friend’s was added to Netflix my fiancé and I have been doing a lot of binge watching – so I was inspire to recreate Miss Rachel Green’s style. Rachel’s character goes though quite the fashion evolution, and while she hits all the high points of amazing 90s fashion in the early seasons (belly shirts, knee socks, overalls!!), she also mixes in a lot of very classic pieces – so I have a lot of great material to work with.

Here are a few options…

TBT-rachel-greenI like the idea of pairing her overall-shorts with a super chic blazer to give the look a modern update.


Here’s what I mean about the classic pieces – little black dress, little black skirt and button downs – it just takes a few tweaks to make these looks relevant in any decade!

Come back next Thursday to see the look I pick to recreate! Until then – here’s how to get them yourself!



PS – Happy Birthday Kelsey Combe!

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