DIY // Neon Rope Necklace

Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling an urge to be crafty – to do things like buy glue guns and puff-paint. So, over the weekend I indulged my inner DIY-er and ventured to Michael’s in search of a project. Inspired by this necklace I ended up with some pretty beads, silver connectors and a lot of neon pink cord…


What I used:
Parachute Cord
Needle and Thread
Crimp Closures
Lobster Claw Clasp
3-in-1 Jewelry Pliers

What I did:
I started by measuring out a length of cord and folding it in half. Then I used the pliers to pinch the 2 sides together with a connecter and attached a bead next to it with some thread. I repeated those steps until I had the all the beads I wanted.
To finish I pinched crimp closures onto the ends of the cord and then attached a lobster claw clasp.

Photo Oct 18, 6 33 11 PM

It’s not perfect – but I kind of love it… I also have a lot of left-over parachute cord… which means more projects!!


Friday Favorites // Beauty

I’ve never been very picky about beauty products – in fact, most of the time I’m perfectly happy with drug store finds and things I get for free in gift bags. But lately I’ve been exploring a little more, delving into the crazy world of beauty products, I even ventured into Sephora!!!

So – full disclosure – most of my current favorites are still things I found in a drug store or got as a gift… but I’ve been making the effort – that counts right?? 

Let’s start off with the Psssst! Years ago, this was the first dry shampoo I ever used {if you don’t count baby powder…} and every since I’ve been obsessed with dry shampoos. I’ve tried tons of them – but Psssst! is the only one that actually makes my hair feel cleaner. {actually bought this one!}
MAC nail polish. I’m usually an Essie girl, but I love love love this MAC color, Rougemarie. It’s a pretty deep red color which is one of my favorite nail colors in the fall {along with purples!} AND it dries quickly and lasts well – my DIY mani grew out more than it chipped – win! {This one was a gift.} 
Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black.  TIP- one does not actually need to roll on their rollerball fragrance. Just a dab will do the trick – full roll and you may knock people out. {Just assuming… Not talking from experience or anything… nope.} It’s a little deeper than my go-to scents, I usually like fresh, light fragrances, but there is something really compelling about Nirvana Black – a blend of Violet, Sandalwood and Vanilla. {I think this was a gift bag treasure, passed along to me by a co-worker!}
Urban Decay: Naked Basics. This purchase was a part of my goal to up my eye makeup game. From watching a multitude of YouTube tutorials I learned that just about every beauty vlogger has a Naked palette. Eyeshadow still scares me a little – I’m never sure what to do with all the colors – so I went with the Basic set instead of the full one. It has been great – I can do everyday eyes – and have even attempted a smokey eye look with it!! It is missing a sparkly shadow – so that might have to be my next purchase – any suggestions??

You may have noticed there’s also a candle in this photo – that’s just because I think it looks pretty. It’s a great candle as well, but not related to the beauty theme of this post. So if you want to know more about it go here. 😉

PS – I’m really excited about this post because I made a cool light box to shoot the picture it. My apartment doesn’t get much light – and whenever I tried to take pictures I’d get tons of harsh, ugly shadows. BUT one DIY tutorial later and Ta-Da! Great {well, better} pictures!! 


Today we mailed out our (Clayton and Kelsey’s) wedding invitations! Still can’t show all of them since, well, it’s Sunday and the mail hasn’t even been picked up yet… but soon! Here’s a sneak peek!

Dear Obama, please attend! That would pretty much make my life. Thanks!

Will you be my bridesmaid?

As many of you probably imagined, I’m going to be a DIY bride… to every extent possible. I’m really hoping to do invites and save-the-dates entirely DIY– along with decorations, thank-yous, etc.

This is for two reasons. 1) Our budget. I want an awesome wedding… but we’re 23 and 25 and footing most of the bill entirely on our own. and most importantly 2) We want our wedding to be US, first and foremost. And cookie-cutter invites are definitely not me.
But I haven’t even started thinking about invitations (okay that’s a partial lie). However, asking my bridesmaids to be in the wedding? Done and done. I wanted to ask in a really sweet and personal way. We decided on 5 attendants each– it worked out perfectly. Clayton has Jesse, his best friend from college, as his best man, and then Mike and Brenton, his two high school besties, plus his two best friends and film buddies from NYC, Justyn and Christopher.
Crissie is obviously my maid-of-honor (and well on her way to becoming a professional maid-of-honor). Then I have my two besties from college– Juliana and Sarah — and, of course, Clayton’s two younger sisters, Livi and Hannah.
So I bought 4 bridesmaid books and one maid-of-honor book and then composed 5 lovely notes, asking each girl to please be my bridesmaid.

The wrapping paper I used was actually leftover scraps of the paper we bought to wrap Meghan and Mike’s wedding present.
The cards came out perfectly!! Even without a paper-cutter… which I really should invest in. Or maybe register for? (No, I need it before then!!) Most importantly, I want each bridesmaid to feel unique throughout this experience. This is why each girl will wear a different dress in multiple colors, and choose own accessories– but now I am infringing on an upcoming post. Crissie is a genius. I’ll leave it at that. 🙂