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Throwback Thursday // Rachel Green

When reached out and asked me if I would do a Throwback Thursday fashion post I got VERY excited. The assignment was to pick someone from the past who’s fashion I admire and recreate it. What a fun way to explore personal style, right?

WHO TO PICK?? Well… since Friend’s was added to Netflix my fiancé and I have been doing a lot of binge watching – so I was inspire to recreate Miss Rachel Green’s style. Rachel’s character goes though quite the fashion evolution, and while she hits all the high points of amazing 90s fashion in the early seasons (belly shirts, knee socks, overalls!!), she also mixes in a lot of very classic pieces – so I have a lot of great material to work with.

Here are a few options…

TBT-rachel-greenI like the idea of pairing her overall-shorts with a super chic blazer to give the look a modern update.


Here’s what I mean about the classic pieces – little black dress, little black skirt and button downs – it just takes a few tweaks to make these looks relevant in any decade!

Come back next Thursday to see the look I pick to recreate! Until then – here’s how to get them yourself!



PS – Happy Birthday Kelsey Combe!

Hall of Chic // HRH

I’m pretty sure Kate Middleton is a perfect human. Not only is she gorgeous, fashionable, married to a prince, and blessed with perfect hair – she also loves sailing. We’ve know this for a while, but her most recent public appearance was supporting youth sailing program (amazing), AND she wore a sail boat printed dress.

She’s basically my spirit animal.


(Again with the chic coats too!) 


Obviously this dress – which is Somerset by Alice Temperley – is now sold out, though it does say “back in stock soon” so I will wait with bated breath.

In the meantime, I’ve rounded up a few other printed shift dresses/white coat combos for a copy-Kate look!



images: 1 // 2

How to Dress // Margot Robbie

I’ve always really liked Sundance, not because of the films, but because it’s a great opportunity for spotting celeb’s winter style. It’s nice to see the non-red-capet, non-LA winter looks that people put together!

Exhibit A: Margot Robbie. Margot’s style tends to be classic, with an edge. She’s a little bit of a fashion risk taker (jumpsuit on the red carpet, that high slit, mixing prints) but she never crosses the line into crazy.

This ensemble at Sundance is a great example. It’s a classic look: sweater and a button down. But the sweater is slightly cropped, her collar is slightly oversized AND she pairs them with leather legging and over the knee boots. Classic, with an edge. I love it.





Princess Lessons // Coats V2

Ok I admit it – I’ve done this post before. However – that was a while ago, and in the time that has passed since HRH has worn many additional chic coats. So I figured it was high time for Queen of Coats, V2.

I have serious closet envy. It’s not even that she has this many amazing coats – do you know how much room coats take up? I could never fit that many in my tiny apartment – even if I used all available space. She must have an entire wing at Kensington Palace dedicated solely to coat storage.

Here are just a few of my top selections from the  Kate Middleton coat collection – which are your favorites?








images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

How to Dress // Olivia Palermo

I think it’s fair to say that Olivia Palermo is street style royalty – always looking impossibly chic whenever she’s caught on camera. And coming out of fashion month she’s given us enough stylish snaps to last at least through fall!

Here’s a look I’d love to duplicate – chambray and white with a cute strappy sandal. Would you wear it?

top // sunnies // watch // clutch // skirt // heel 




How To Dress // Taylor Swift

Here’s the thing – despite the cat and the obvious pumpkin spice latte {so basic} I’m really loving Taylor’s look here. It’s simple, but polished – and the blue/rust color combo is pretty much perfect for fall.
Here’s how to snag her style for yourself {minus the cat…}

blazer // top // bag // pants // booties


What To Wear // In Transition

According to the calendar it is now spring. However, according to the weather it is still very much winter. This makes me sad. I am sick of the cold, and I am sick of all my winter clothes – so I dreamed up this little ensemble that’s bright and fun – like spring! But that will still look cute with a huge winter jacket, scarf and gloves {also a hat, and probably an umbrella}.

Thinking warm thoughts.

Obligatory Royal Baby Post [AKA] Does Duchess Catherine Ever Not Look Chic?

So let’s say that yesterday you spent roughly 10 hours in labor before giving birth to an 8 pound human child and now you are tasked with presenting that child to the entire world. How would you look? Happy, calm. collected and perfectly groomed? No way in hell.

Unless you’re Kate Middleton and you win at life. I don’t think she could have chosen a more perfect look. A custom Jenny Packham frock in baby-boy blue.
However, this begs the question – did she know she was having a boy? Or did she have 2 bespoke Jenny Packham dresses in her hospital room – one pink one blue. And if they HAD had a girl would Wills have worn a pink shirt?!? These are the questions that keep me up at night…

//shop the look

Musings & Mint

When you’re a kid the grown-ups always tell you that life moves faster as you get older. When you’re a kid this sounds like an outlandish possibility, time is time – it will always move at the same speed, please! Sadly the grown-ups were right. Somehow time seems to fly by, and here we are in the middle of July. (I swear I was just crying about how cold it was outside…) Just take a second to hit pause and enjoy the simplicity of summer (before bitching about how hot it is out.)



Color crush of the moment – RED. Spotting Allison Williams in this fab Naeem Khan frock really sealed the deal.

Ready to run out and buy a little red dress? Here are a few of my favorites:


1 2 3