thursday is the new friday

i have tomorrow off, thank goodness. it has been a hard week.

here’s a fun little “chill out” outfit inspired by items from the delias catalog that came this week   🙂 {with a few additions… and i worked a shot-sleeved cardi in there, hey!}   i thought i had outgrown delias, guess not. nice.

sources {here}




totally into short-sleeved cardigans right now. especially this sweet little jcrew gem (granted, i love just about anything jcrew dishes out…) they’d be great for light spring layers, don’t you think? or is a short-sleeved sweater just silly?

forever 21
{forever 21}


sunday best

here is my spring inspired look for the week 🙂 the bag reminded me of an Easter egg hehe, that was my starting point for this one. i still need an actual Easter outfit though… and sadly it will not include Valentino shoes. {sources here}


color splash!

i have been realizing recently how boring i am with colors, or my lack-there-of. so i’ve been trying to add a little color to my style. starting with a beautiful new target bag: (on sale for 11 dollars!!!)

and also, some very springy tanks from american eagle:

also, on sale. and in shameless plugs for my college-town, check out the book: happens every day by isabel gillies. it’s on the best seller list and is a true story about a a professor here leaving his wife for another professor.

amazing read. (and, all of it occurred when I was a sophomore.)



saw this post and pic on coco+kelley today:

exactly my inspiration for my spring graduation wear (Kelsey’s and Meghan’s…) this is what i have so far:


the dress is mine– i got it on sale, with a sale on sale discount. which was thrilling to me. the shoes are still just a dream. these are at the top of the list:
{Poetic Licence Mint Julip}
and although i am head over heels  they may be a little over budget. no worries, i have a cost saving option as well: however i can’t show you right now b/c the payless website is down.

{payless shoes}

(yes payless is the reason i can own so many pairs of shoes and still put food on the table…) 🙂


serena van der woodsen: it’s called a hairbrush.

sorry. i know this blog is about inspiration and design, but i wanted to post about something that is the opposite of inspiring.

it’s called: Serena Van Der Woodsen: BRUSH YOUR HAIR

here is a sreencap from the 3/30 episode of Gossip Girl: Remains of the J–


nope. she was not just in a car accident. nor did she just have sex, or fall from a 5-story building. THIS WAS AN INTENTIONAL HAIR-DO.

But I think I may know where the inspiration came from:


only difference: drew barrymore actually stuck her finger in an outlet before attending the golden globes 2009 (or so one would be led to believe)

{images:  1 gossipgirlonline 2 beautyprodivision }


felix rey

here’s a little springy look i put together–after being inspired by a cuuuute clutch from the Felix Rey Collection at Target:
image credits {here}

i’m not really a fan of the rest of the bags in the collection… but that clutch. LOVE 🙂


lavender time.

crissie is apparently inspired by blue right now…

i’ve always hated most colors, besides blue, but lately i’m lovin everything… from sea green, to pale yellow, and currently: LAVENDER!

i’m also inspired by finding a cuter dress for my graduation than the one crissie got… must look cuter.

{dresses are from ModCloth}

jealous of crissie’s name signature.


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