Real Life Style

Real Life Style #11

Ask and you shall receive I guess! Wasn’t it just 2 days ago I was complaining about the freezing cold?  And now it’s like Spring out! I’m torn between hoping it stays this nice out, and worrying about how we pretty much skipped Winter. Yikes.

blazer – h&m // button down – j crew {similar} // shirt – j crew // jeans – 18th amendment // shoes – zara // bracelet – h&m // bag – kate spade
*Photos by Kelsey Combe

Real Life Style – Flashback

My mom is visiting this week – and she brought her iPad, fully loaded with all our old family pictures. We spent an evening flipping though them all and noticed that I have been all about posing pretty much since I could walk. Here’s a peek at my life before style blogging {before the internet even, goodness!}

I’d still rock some of these looks… 

Last Week in Shoes

Pretty excited that we finally got some snow last week! Also, I forgot to take a shoe pic one day, soooo you get a shirt instead – think you can survive? You also get an appearance from Louis, that should help…

This week is going to be a busy one for me… hope you all have big plans too!

*Photos via instagram

Real Life Style #9 – Snow Day!

There are few things in life more thrilling than waking up to a snow covered city. Everything is so peaceful and white {for a few hours at least.} Kelsey and I didn’t want to miss out on a snow day photo shoot so we bundled up and headed out to an unplowed street. brrrrr!!

cape – calvin klein // jeans – madewell // boots – hunter // hat – h&m // mittens – kate spade // bag – louis vuitton 

*photos by Kelsey Combe

Real Life Style #7

Most of the jeans I currently own are low-rise. I’m getting sick of it – SICK OF IT. Luckily I do have this pair of high-waist beauties {by Earnest Sewn} that I find myself wearing all the time these days…  Add a sheer top and some leopard print heels annnnd you have yourselves an outfit.

jeans – Earnest Sewn // top – Zara // shoes – Nine West // clutch – Vintage
*Photos by Kelsey Combe

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