Real Life Style

Real Life Style #2

My bright blue shoes {from Zara!} are pretty much my favorite. They just add a little extra punch to anything I happen to throw on. OK – I didn’t just throw on this outfit, who are we kidding. But still, you get the point. 
Look at me! I’m wearing blue shoes!

Real Life Style – #1

In all my years of style blogging {first on bug&Bear, Coco + Kelley – now here!} I’ve created post after post about things I would love to wear, but never once EVER posted what I’m actually wearing. Lucky for me, I live with a photographer. PROBLEM SOLVED.
And so – drum roll please – here is my very first Real Life Style post!

I have to say – I think this is the cutest outfit I’ve ever worn. And those of you who see me on a daily basis, you’ll probably see it a lot {at least once a month… maybe more…} Those are ponies on the blouse FYI – PINK ponies. Love.


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