sunday best

here is my spring inspired look for the week 🙂 the bag reminded me of an Easter egg hehe, that was my starting point for this one. i still need an actual Easter outfit though… and sadly it will not include Valentino shoes. {sources here}


color splash!

i have been realizing recently how boring i am with colors, or my lack-there-of. so i’ve been trying to add a little color to my style. starting with a beautiful new target bag: (on sale for 11 dollars!!!)

and also, some very springy tanks from american eagle:

also, on sale. and in shameless plugs for my college-town, check out the book: happens every day by isabel gillies. it’s on the best seller list and is a true story about a a professor here leaving his wife for another professor.

amazing read. (and, all of it occurred when I was a sophomore.)


happy friday!

this made me smile. maybe because there have been similar pictures of me and K… well, in so much as the pictures included 2 girls and an Amtrak train. we would never have been quite that stylish…

from {here} found {here}

and in honor of the opening weekend of Baseball (wonderful baseball!):
{sisters at shea}



saw this post and pic on coco+kelley today:

exactly my inspiration for my spring graduation wear (Kelsey’s and Meghan’s…) this is what i have so far:


the dress is mine– i got it on sale, with a sale on sale discount. which was thrilling to me. the shoes are still just a dream. these are at the top of the list:
{Poetic Licence Mint Julip}
and although i am head over heels  they may be a little over budget. no worries, i have a cost saving option as well: however i can’t show you right now b/c the payless website is down.

{payless shoes}

(yes payless is the reason i can own so many pairs of shoes and still put food on the table…) 🙂


serena van der woodsen: it’s called a hairbrush.

sorry. i know this blog is about inspiration and design, but i wanted to post about something that is the opposite of inspiring.

it’s called: Serena Van Der Woodsen: BRUSH YOUR HAIR

here is a sreencap from the 3/30 episode of Gossip Girl: Remains of the J–


nope. she was not just in a car accident. nor did she just have sex, or fall from a 5-story building. THIS WAS AN INTENTIONAL HAIR-DO.

But I think I may know where the inspiration came from:


only difference: drew barrymore actually stuck her finger in an outlet before attending the golden globes 2009 (or so one would be led to believe)

{images:  1 gossipgirlonline 2 beautyprodivision }


felix rey

here’s a little springy look i put together–after being inspired by a cuuuute clutch from the Felix Rey Collection at Target:
image credits {here}

i’m not really a fan of the rest of the bags in the collection… but that clutch. LOVE 🙂



i’m sitting in my office, in the student union building, watching the most beautiful trees start to bloom, very slowly.

it’s going to be so pretty. it’s also like watching my impending death… since i’ll be able to enjoy the flowers for about three days before the allergy induced asthma sets in and i have to hide until June.

here are some pics of the spring here, from our Easter “photo-shoot” freshmen year… maybe we’ll do another one this year… because it’s the last chance?


pic by me



found this in a decor8 post about setting up your home office 🙂 we could totally pull it off in our apt. Duel desks! So cute. However- that would double the expense, hmmm. I’ll put up some “before” shots soon, so you all can see what we’re working with…


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