lavender time.

crissie is apparently inspired by blue right now…

i’ve always hated most colors, besides blue, but lately i’m lovin everything… from sea green, to pale yellow, and currently: LAVENDER!

i’m also inspired by finding a cuter dress for my graduation than the one crissie got… must look cuter.

{dresses are from ModCloth}

jealous of crissie’s name signature.


feeling floral

Our living room/work room (to be) is currently very drab. Lots of beige and white, I really want to get some colors in there and recently I have been a huge fan of floral prints. The challenge is keeping a modern feel to the room–I don’t want it to feel like Grandma’s Country Cottage. It is a New York City Apartment- how can we make floras reflect that?

Some inspiration:

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