Princess Lessons // Coats V2

Ok I admit it – I’ve done this post before. However – that was a while ago, and in the time that has passed since HRH has worn many additional chic coats. So I figured it was high time for Queen of Coats, V2.

I have serious closet envy. It’s not even that she has this many amazing coats – do you know how much room coats take up? I could never fit that many in my tiny apartment – even if I used all available space. She must have an entire wing at Kensington Palace dedicated solely to coat storage.

Here are just a few of my top selections from the  Kate Middleton coat collection – which are your favorites?








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Color Me Kate

If you read this blog, chances are you are very much aware that Duchess Catherine has been giving a fashion show disguised as a tour of New Zealand and Australia. As if to apologize for her long absence from the public eye she has thrilled us with multiple outfits per-day, ranging from cute and casual to the ultimate of chic.
And she has not shied away from color on this trip. I’ve loved all her bold, bright numbers in blue, green, red – and even yellow. Wills allegedly told her she looked like a banana in the yellow dress below. That’s the chicest banana I’ve ever seen…

Want to be a copy-Kate? Here are a few of my top picks for dressing the the bright hue:

dress: top shop // necklace: j crew factory // blazer: zara // top: marni // shoes: repetto // phone care: kate spade saturday

Obligatory Royal Baby Post [AKA] Does Duchess Catherine Ever Not Look Chic?

So let’s say that yesterday you spent roughly 10 hours in labor before giving birth to an 8 pound human child and now you are tasked with presenting that child to the entire world. How would you look? Happy, calm. collected and perfectly groomed? No way in hell.

Unless you’re Kate Middleton and you win at life. I don’t think she could have chosen a more perfect look. A custom Jenny Packham frock in baby-boy blue.
However, this begs the question – did she know she was having a boy? Or did she have 2 bespoke Jenny Packham dresses in her hospital room – one pink one blue. And if they HAD had a girl would Wills have worn a pink shirt?!? These are the questions that keep me up at night…

//shop the look

Princess Lessons // Pregnancy

I have to admit, when the news broke that the Duchess was preggers I was pretty bummed. Sure, babies are great and all, but a part of me mourned the loss of my fave fashion icon and inspiration. Luckily HRH has proven me wrong by wearing amazingly chic ensembles even while pregnant.

So here’s to 2 years of Princess fashion. Happy anniversary Will & Kate!


Princess Lessons

Now that we are in full-on winter chill mode,  it’s time to do a little coat shopping. And who better to draw inspiration from than HRH The Duchess of Cambridge? She knows how to pick the most flattering winter wear, always appearing in ladylike numbers that chinch at the waist.
Here are a few Kate style coats to keep you warm & chic this winter.

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