Wise Words // Be You

There are probably a million great quotes about the importance of being yourself – but I love this one because it’s so fitting to my goals right now.


You could spend forever worrying about following to rules and being fashionable, but it’s more important to make sure your style is a reflection of you. Don’t you think?

Happy Monday!


Wise Words // Personal Style

I often feel like I don’t know very much about fashion. But that’s not really true. After all, fashion is very much about observations and opinions. So while I might not know every rule, technical term or the historical significance of designer X – I do know what I think looks good.


The lovely Miss Kruger sums it up quite well – you don’t have to know everything to know what you like. 🙂

Happy Monday!


They’re Only Zits.

From an actual conversation I had with my sister:

KelseyAre you ever just touching your face and it’s like really oddly sore over a part of it and you’re like OMG I have face cancer!! And then you find a giant forming zit nearby and you’re like, phew! cause it is just a zit. 
CrissieUmmmm I usually just think – NOOOOOOOO! NOT A ZIT! 

Kelsey:Well, think of this as an example of why to appreciate things like zits. It’s like a metaphor for life.

While this is a rather outlandish example (face cancer, Kelsey? Really?) at the root of it is a rather profound thought. I’m not suggesting we go through life expecting the worst so we can be thrilled by the not-so-bad, I’m just saying maybe a melt down isn’t necessary when the little things go wrong.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. They’re only zits after all.

*image: Elena Kalis

Musings & Mint

When you’re a kid the grown-ups always tell you that life moves faster as you get older. When you’re a kid this sounds like an outlandish possibility, time is time – it will always move at the same speed, please! Sadly the grown-ups were right. Somehow time seems to fly by, and here we are in the middle of July. (I swear I was just crying about how cold it was outside…) Just take a second to hit pause and enjoy the simplicity of summer (before bitching about how hot it is out.)