Upping My Skirt Game

This morning while standing in front of my closet, deeply pondering what to wear, I came to the realization that I have a lot of cute blouses, blouses I would usually pair with nice jeans. But it’s summer, and I live in Manhattan, and the thought of wearing jeans is as laughable as the thought of wearing jeans into a sauna (which is basically what Subway stations have become…) So, as soon as summer hits you need skirts to pair with your cute blouses – and I’ve realized I have a serious skirt shortage.

Guess what that means? Time for some shopping! Loving these options:

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Musings & Mint

When you’re a kid the grown-ups always tell you that life moves faster as you get older. When you’re a kid this sounds like an outlandish possibility, time is time – it will always move at the same speed, please! Sadly the grown-ups were right. Somehow time seems to fly by, and here we are in the middle of July. (I swear I was just crying about how cold it was outside…) Just take a second to hit pause and enjoy the simplicity of summer (before bitching about how hot it is out.)



Just a peek at the past week in Instagram pics…

Sunsets, beach fires, hot dogs and fireworks over the lake. It’s been a perfect Northern Michigan vacation. (if only it could last forever…) 


Words To Live By: Summer

For the first time in 4 years I get to spend the 4th of July at my family’s lake house in Northern Michigan and I could not be more thrilled. Because, as much as the fashionista in me loves her high heels and pencil skirts nothing beats spending a week in shots, bikini tops and flip-flops….

It’s summer time y’all!!
*image via DC&AS

island camping

This weekend my friends and I took a camping trip–to the Norwalk Islands off the coast of Connecticut.

It was perfection–there was biking, boating, bonfires– and a lot of ocean swimming. Besides making me miss summer vacation, the adventure also reminded me how awesome my hair gets in the ocean- just a quick dip and suddenly the out-of-control frizzy mess {think Hermione Granger} that is my hair becomes manageable. Or at least I think it does… {there were no mirrors around- but my shadow looked pretty sweet…}
So my new goal is to find a way to get my hair salt-water-stylish… without having to take a dip in the ocean every morning… {or- to find a way to take a dip in the ocean every morning…whichever}

{source: saltwater girl}

london 2012

Can we talk about how excited I am for the 2012 Summer Olympics? The next BIG world sporting event now that the World Cup is over… and I adore these concept posters by Alan Clarke:


He says, “My thinking behind these posters was to convey the movement and energy of the games, in a simple yet abstract way.” Perfection. 

{found via creative boys club}

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